Applying silk lace to a garment by hand

Ninya Mikhaila established her business in 1994 after gaining a Higher National Diploma in Costume Interpretation at the London College of Fashion. Her aim has always been to provide museum quality reconstructions of historic dress made to the highest standards. Each item is handmade in appropriate materials and fastenings and trimmings are all recreated to be as close to the originals as possible. Ninya works closely with a range of specialists such as embroiderers, shoemakers, milliners, armourers and silkwomen to ensure that every element is expertly crafted.

Ninya is married to Michael Perry, a sculptor and artist responsible for the illustrations in The Tudor Tailor and The King's Servants. They live in Nottingham with their two young daughters, Minnie and Holly.

specialist tools for surface decoration

After careful finishing clients sometimes require the garments to be worn and distressed, a process taken on with enthusiasm by Michael, Alan and Jill Perry


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