Since the publication of The Tudor Tailor by Batsford in March 2006 Ninya Mikhaila has been busy with many and varied projects. The first of these being the birth of Minnie Mikhaila Perry in September 2006, whose arrival required a slow down of pace for a few months. Minnie joined Ninya at Kentwell Hall in July 2007 to take part in the Annual Recreation of Tudor Life where she played the part (very convincingly) of the tailor's daughter.

Ninya Mikhaila and daughter Minnie play the parts of the tailor's wife and baby daughter at Kentwell Hall in July 2007

Whilst research for the follow up to The Tudor Tailor has taken up much of Ninya's time there have been some notable costume projects. These include a hunting outfit for a figure of Henry VIII which is included in the new exhibition at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and three mid-eighteenth century soldier's coats for the Face of War exhibition at Fort Ticonderoga, which clothed some of the excellent figures made by Gerry Embleton's Time Machine.

The arrival of Ninya's second daughter, Holly May Perry, in October 2008, brought about two photoshoots with Tudor Tailor photographer Henrietta Clare. The first took place two months before the birth with the intention of illustrating how the Tudor woman's wardrobe was adapted to accommodate pregnancy whilst the second shoot focused on six week old Holly who ably demonstrated how a sixteenth century baby was swaddled. The resulting series of photographs will form the basis of future publications.


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